Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poster Design and Shoot

The design for the poster is based on a still from the video, in which the man observes the girl he admires coming out of the cinema with yet another boyfriend. The bus behind him is advertising an online dating site to emphasise that he could/should try finding someone else, but he stares on at the girl he really admires. In the background is the cafe which will appear as a key location later in the video, when the man finally gets to talk to the woman.
I have shot the pictures above in both portrait and landscape formats to expirement with both and visualise what they will look like, even though I will be using portrait for the final poster.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Second MV shoot

The second shoot for my music video, where I reshot some of the clips from the first time, was more successful. The problem with the first shoot was the lighting; here problems were still present but this shoot was more successful. I have been using more lights on the set as opposed to one light, so I have had more control with the lighting in general.

With this clip the lighting was better than the first attempt but still in need of improvement.

Ideally the lighting should come out more like this. When obtaining audience feedback this was the shot that got a "wow!" from my class so this does show the importance and the impact of the lighting.

Music Video Preview

Last week I completed a sample of my music video to show what the final production could look like. The video as shown here was edited using clips which were ready to show at the time, but just for this preview I used a different software because I was working from a computer at home (where the clips had been exported to), so the render came out in a much lower quality than what the final production will look like.

Unfortunately, as I've said, the video wasn't fully rendered. The raw footage, as an example, should look more like this:

Feedback so far (from the rest of the class) was extremely positive; the animation style used in the video proved to be a big success. The only criticism I got for the entire MV preview was that the narrative was quite hard to follow because the video was moving along very quickly, at least one other in my class felt more time was needed for everything to be taken in.

I may rethink the pace of the video as it is necessary that these clips are shown, to emphasise the character's emotions, although the video is currently moving along faster than the song which has a slower pace.