Friday, 30 March 2012

Music Video Draft

Here is my music video very close to its final form, with only a few tweaks needed. This is what I have used this week to gain audience feedback

Feedback for the video has so far been extremely positive and the most useful thing I have learnt is that the narrative is clear and very well done. The animation and the style have also been especially praised. I screened the video to the rest of my media studies class and filmed their reactions whilst watching the video, as well as their feedback straight afterwards. I also gained feedback from Facebook.

The feedback I had from my class was similar that the narrative and animation were done really well. The only issues that came up were related to the aspect ratio of the video which would change very slightly at times, i.e. the black bar on the bottom kept bouncing. Lighting was previously an issue but I have been able to improve the lighting dramatically for this draft of the video. I was proud of how the lighting was improved for the scene at the small cafe from 02:11 to 02:34, for example, where the lighting was different in every scene but working in Adobe Premiere Pro, it's now much harder to tell the difference.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Final Poster

This is the final version of the poster I created for my music video.

The poster includes the final logo for the band 'Vivid Scheme' and the main track on the 10-track album, 'Intoxicated'.